[OSM-legal-talk] The OSM licence: where we are, where we're going

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 8 19:53:37 GMT 2008

With regard to companies and agencies releasing their data, like AND, going to a purely public domain license with no attribution would be very problematic for future similar developments.

Perhaps AND would have considered public domain, I don't know, I didn't talk with them.

But recently Merano, Italy released all their mapping data, with the the only restriction being attribution. The UN has released mapping data over Sudan with similar restriction. I'm in discussion currently with Catalonia over release of their data, and I don't imagine them giving up attribution. I'm not sure about the situation with the Falklands Islands data, and potentially GeoBase in Canada .. 

but I'm certain that many mapping agencies are coming around to the idea of re-use of their data, and they will not give up attribution. This strategy is going to reap many rewards for OpenStreetMap -- we now have enough gravity that the culture of sharing is changing within mapping agencies. Giving up attribution would mean a loss of many large data donations.


ps And yes, currently getting attribution from OSM is not easy .. but it is there in the database. We need to work on exposing it better. And we may need to come up with some conventions for how data is imported, and perhaps extend the user model, so that we can attribute properly.

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