[OSM-legal-talk] hands on commercial applications

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jun 20 00:28:42 BST 2008


>> For example, imagine you would allow your users to save the flightpath in a 
>> file and later generate a film sequence that re-plays the in-flight view, 
>> and save that as a movie file. That movie file would contain pictures of 
>> aeronautical data and OSM data 


> You're wrong. The file would be a collective work

You're saying that a movie file containing bits of OSM data and bits of 
other data, in a way that they cannot be separated from each other, 
might still be a collective work?

According to that logic I could produce a printed map that is based on 
an OSM map and has proprietary data printed into it and still claim this 
to be a collective work... actually I wouldn't object to this being the 
case but until now I believed that project consensus was this would 
clearly make a derivative, not collective work.


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