[OSM-legal-talk] Process for agreeing the new licence

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Oct 3 09:43:48 BST 2008

>> Rest seemed ok for me but then again I didn't see much participation on
>> this list in the past months so maybe everybody's out mapping.
> I agree that participation is low on this list, possibly main of the 191
> subscribers to legal-talk are listening but not posting. The basic message
> to these people is speak up now if you are unhappy. Please don't sit back
> now and then vote against it when we are done.

The main reason I am quiet is that I have been waiting for over a year 
for the switch and I don't want to delay it by starting bickering and 
flaming. The new license is way more appropriate than the old one and 
the sooner we switch the better.

It may be the wrong and lazy approach, but honestly, I am a bit tired of 
license discussions without actual changes by now.


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