[OSM-legal-talk] PD vs SA: The eternal battle

Ryszard Mikke Ryszard at korwin-mikke.pl
Wed Oct 22 22:08:46 BST 2008

Hey, didn't you think about the server's capacity and so on?
detailed GIS data from every GSM company, huh? And from every
network provider and so on? Where will you store it and for whom?

It seems for me that storing rather huge amount of data for a very limited
group of people is not exactly what we want. At least not at first place.

Anyway, GSM companies just don't want to publish the detailed data
and they won't. Whatever licence you put OSM under. All they need is low
resolution map and they will get it. If they use OSM - all the better.
Let everyone use OSM for their selfish or evil purposes. When everyone
uses OSM - OSM will be most up-to date and most detailed map ever.
And I like it.


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