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Fri Oct 31 20:16:33 GMT 2008

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> After some requests and OSMF board discussion, I've created a new mailing
> list: legal-general

Very good
> We'd ask that higher level discussions such as pd etc move to that from
> the existing legal-talk and that we keep legal-talk to specific practical
> issues regarding OSM's actual license and, in what is the final countdown,
> to the fine tuning required to get the new proposed license ready for
> presentation to the entire OSM community.

Great; I have joined the new list. I can't promise that I will be a very
active contributor, but will be listening.

Can I suggest that the 'Use Cases' page I created is used as a place for all
Use Cases, including those being discussed by PD advocates? I am suggesting
this because it will help keep a connection between the different proposals.
If you add the Use Cases that makes the SA licence struggle then so much the

Would it also be appropriate to add an intro to the PD licence on the same
page in a similar format to the SA licence brief? Yes, I know it will of
course be a lot shorter ;)

I was also considering creating a table with an entry for each use case and
with a column for each licence, including the current CC licence, the
proposed ODbL licence and also the proposed PD licence so that we can see
where we stand on each use case. Of course all the Use Cases will get a tick
in the PD licence section (including the Use Case in the 'negative' list).

As such it would make that page less partisan and possibly a useful meeting
place for future decisions.

Would that be useful? 



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