[OSM-legal-talk] Share-alike license for gps coordinates derived from OSM

Kari Pihkala kari.pihkala at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 07:52:16 BST 2008

> Hi,
> I'm creating a web site where people can set locations for places over a osm
> map. I also allow public to download these coordinate sets freely.
> I think according to your share-alike license the derived coordinates must
> be under the same license (by-sa 2.0)? I'm ok about this.
> However, people are also inserting additional information about these gps
> coordinates, such as place names, address, etc.
> As the data set is a combination of gps coordinates (derived from osm map)
> and names, addresses etc. does it mean that the whole data set must be
> licensed under by-sa-2.0??
> BR,
> Kari

I'm anwering myself, as I found the answer in FAQ. (should have read it first!!)


"I created a layer on top of an OSM map. What do I have to put under
your license?
... If what you create is based on OSM data (for example if you create
a new layer by looking at the OSM data and refering to locations on
it) then it is likely you have created a derivative work.
... If you have created a derivative work, the work as a whole must be
subject to the OSM licence. .."

I was thinking about licensing my own data under CC-BY, but your FAQ
says that I have to license it under CC-BY-SA.

I see two options for me:
1. Dual license the data (all data with coordinates under CC-BY-SA, my
data without the coordinates under CC-BY)
2. Single license the data under CC-BY without any coordinates. No one
will have access to the coordinates.

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