[OSM-legal-talk] CC Attribution Share Alike License with OSMF exception

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 09:43:20 BST 2008

The paranoid people are all on this list. Perhaps 100 ? Which leave a good
49900 who don't really care what the license is. Otherwise we would have
seen a fork long ago.

A few of the normal checks should suffice :
1. The directors should act in the best interest of the community and
disclose any prior affiliations and conflict of interests. Failure to
disclose may result in licensing deals being declared invalid.
2. Only natural persons may vote. Then an evil company will have to out
number the crowd.

On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 1:06 AM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

> BUT to get the more paranoid people among us to accept such a body with
> these rights, you will have to set up a huge and complicated process
> with checks and balances and positions of power and well-defined
> decision making processes and all - a real ugly beast if you ask me.
> People will ask "how do you ensure that OSMF doesn't fall into evil
> hands", and you will start to invent boards of directors and boards of
> overseers and whatnot, and all these will have to be chosen by some kind
> of vote; then you'll have to define who may vote. But then what happens
> if the evil guys just register all their users as members and simply
> jump over whatever the minimum criterion is we put up? So you'll have to
> put in some clauses that enable you to kick out people or reject their
> applications or remove their voting rights. Of course, then, there needs
> to be a provision for people to appeal against such a decision. Etc.
> etc. etc.
> In the end, you'll have set up something that is even more complex,
> unclear, and liable to interpretation than the license itself, a
> veritable beast that only bureaucratic control freaks can ride.
> "Unhappy with something? Just submit it, in written form, with three
> copies, to our under-secretary for member queries, and it might just get
> on the agenda for next year's AGM..."
> I am not a control freak. I think formal decisions, votes, authority and
> all that should be avoided wherever possible. As long as we can manage
> with our "do-ocracy", let us do that.
> And I know what I'm speaking of, I'm from Germany ;-)
> Bye
> Frederik
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