[OSM-legal-talk] Can I buy some maps to draw my City?

Łukasz Holetzke lukasz.holetzke at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 22:32:02 BST 2008


Whole story on: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/GoLDie/diary/3376

"(...) I thought about buying some aerial photos [1], but I don't know
if there are some legal issues for making the beautiful map of my city


"I'll try to translate our conversation:
Me: Buying your photos allows me to create maps of roads and terrain?
Created maps will be made available under a Creative Commons License
Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.

They: Yes, if the product created by you does not contain any part or
all of our orthophotomaps and it wont be posssible to obtain from the
file our orthophotomaps (clearly - the layers must be seperated)."

What do you think about this?

The maps aren't so expensive: 1km^2 cost about 10Euro + VAT. I would
buy some for my projects.

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