[OSM-legal-talk] Can I buy some maps to draw my City?

Johann H. Addicks addicks at gmx.net
Wed Sep 24 10:10:00 BST 2008

> And what about the source tag? Some special one? Or simply
> source=geoserwer.pl or better source=techmex s.a.?

If he want's an attribution inside our database, you have to  
ask HIM.
But if the topic is not already on the agenda or explicitly  
unclear: Do not trigger the topic.

Otherwise you might create a wish like "i want the name of  
my company on (all) maps drawn". (A thing we could not  
assure as you put only data in a database, but the people  
who render have their own individual rules.) As an "escape"  
you could only offer him, that the name is drawn on several  
maps you print out and/or use for a dedicated project...

But for that you would need somebody setting up a dedicated  
mapnik/omarender with own ruleset. Or at least some KOSMOS  

As you see, attribution may cause a lot of extra work. and  
for the photos formerlyused to draw a map this might be  


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