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Following my previous post and comments I have updated version of the 'brief
brief'. As I explained earlier this is intended to provoke discussion around
what the new share-alike licence for OSM should cover and not cover. It is
consciously not in legal language, that is for the lawyers, this is about
ensuring that when the legals are produced that we are happy with what they
are trying to achieve. Personally legal contracts seem to be a lot like
computer programs. This is the requirements specification for the 'program'
and the legal text is the 'code' for the implementation.


Also, as I mentioned before, the intention of this licence initiative is to
produce a licence that keeps to the spirit of the original ccbysa licence
but works for us to protect the data, but frees up how that data is used.



The main changes to this draft:


To add some explanations and further details in [] brackets

To clarify some details about notices and acknowledgements

To add a bullet point about individual contributions input

I have removed the requirement not to bring the project into disrepute.



The brief


1) Ensure that if people make improvements or changes to the OSM dataset
that they make their version of the dataset available under this licence so
it can be used by others and can be integrated back into the main OSM
dataset if appropriate and to keep any notices associated with the database
in tact.


[The notices mentioned above will include one saying that this DB contains
data from OSM. It will also contain other notices in relation to some
included larger contributions, such as the Canada data. When Derived
Databases are produced then additional  notices may be added.]


2) Ensure that if people use the OSM dataset (or a Derived Database) within
any publically available work that they should attribute OSM in the
resulting work appropriately for the medium, the space available and the
relative significance of the OSM data to their final work.


[For people using the OSM database itself this should normally include an
acknowledgement that the data came from OpenStreetMap. For Collective and
Derivative Databases the acknowledgement may or may not mention OSM with
consideration for the relative significance of the OSM data to the complete
work. The full attribution will however be available in the notices section
in the appropriate DB which will need to be made available under 1). The OSM
website will list all contributors to OSM so there is in fact an
acknowledgement trail all the way back to the person who added 1 way.  In
some cases, for example on a TV broadcast then the appropriate
acknowledgement for the space, medium and significance of the map to the
story might be 'none'. For a film the appropriate acknowledgement might be
in the credits at the end. For a map in a newsletter it might be a note at
the bottom of the document that says 'mapping data from


3) It should allow people to do anything within reason they like with the
OSM dataset so long as they comply with 1) and 2).


[Notice that this does not restrict how that the resulting work should be
licenced C, ccbysa etc, and that is because it can be licenced as required
by the user with two provisos. Firstly that is the resulting work is a DB
then it falls under 1) and secondly we should protect again resulting works
being used to reverse engineer a new DB without the resulting DB coming
under 1)]


4) Ensure that contributors to OSM are agreeing to provide information to
the project on suitable terms so their data can to be incorporated into the
OSM dataset.


[Individual contributors will be acknowledged on the OSM website but not in
the final end-used experience. Bulk contributors will be able to require a
notice to be included in the OSM database if required by prior negotiation].









Peter Miller

Ito World Ltd

http://www.itoworld.com <http://www.itoworld.com/> 



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