[OSM-legal-talk] Database rights and who has them

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Frederik Ramm wrote:
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>Subject: Re: [OSM-legal-talk] Database rights and who has them
>Peter Miller wrote:
>> However...  lets not do the work the lawyers should be doing
>And while we're at it, could we not leave mapping to the professionals
>as well? After all, becoming a professional cartographer means years, if
>not decades, of training and collecting experience which hardly a mapper
>possesses... it's there for a reason!

In all walks of life if you spend a few years closely examining a subject
you arguably become just as experienced and knowledgeable about that subject
as someone who has been trained by the traditional academic route. Most
professional bodies acknowledge this and provide routes to professional
membership which are based on experience and knowledge, not academic result

We may be neither lawyers nor cartographers but some of our number (and I
don't count myself here) would I am absolutely sure be able to acquit
themselves perfectly well alongside the professionals when discussing and
arguing the intricacies of OSM. Providing opinion is an important aspect of
learning and long may it continue within OSM. Of course there is good
opinion and poor opinion (and this missive may be the latter) but the reader
is surely bright enough to decide for themselves.

Professional lawyers, cartographers, programmers etc etc can do their work,
but that doesn’t stop the layman doing it too.



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