[OSM-legal-talk] map data acknowledgement?

graham graham at theseamans.net
Sun Apr 26 11:33:33 BST 2009


I haven't been following this list closely before so I'm afraid this is 
likely to be a faq, though I couldn't find the answer on a quick search.

I just tried an iphone application, my.tel. This includes a location 
finder with slippy map - which I realised was showing my own map data, 
complete with minor errors I must get round to fixing. There's no 
visible acknowledgement of the data source, but there is the sentence 
'this application uses the route-me library copyright 2008-2009, 
Route-me contributors'. Looking at the route-me app, I see this has a 
link to openstreetmap as one of the available data sources to use with 
their library.

What should my.tel be doing in this situation? Should there be a (c)osm 
somewhere on the map? And what will the requirement be with the new 
license? Is the issue here with route-me or my.tel?


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