[OSM-legal-talk] 'Fair Use'

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jan 14 06:58:15 GMT 2009


Peter Miller wrote:
>> Everything produced in a country that's a signatory to the Berne
>> convention (and that's most countries) is *automatically* copyrighted,
>> so UNOCHA don't need to claim copyright.
> I am surprised at that. I thought the (c) line on a document was  
> important.

AFAIK it is. At least in Germany, the situation is this: Anything you 
produce in Germany automatically has copyright *in Germany*. Many other 
countries don't have this automatism and in some you actually have to 
register your work with some authority to gain protection. However, the 
Berne convention says that adding the (c) plus author plus year will 
count as having gone through the relevant national procedures in every 
Berne country.


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