[OSM-legal-talk] Licensing Working Group report, 2009/01/22

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 22 21:29:16 GMT 2009


Mikel Maron wrote:
> We want to let them finish this discussion, and then the license text will be posted publicly.

Will they be available to process our input after we see the text?

Is there any plan for how our feedback will be processed before the 
public is asked to accept the new license - will it be *our* job to take 
the lawyers' version and our feedback and make something suitable from 
it and then ask everyone to sign up, or will we collect our feedback and 
then again wait for the lawyers to respond?

> It's very close at this point.

It will be helpful to know the details of their discussion - if not now, 
then please at least release the stuff together with the draft result. 
(If the communication is considered personal then a publication of the 
various versions of the document will suffice.)

If I find some words in the draft that sound wrong or misleading or 
unsuitable to me, then if I have details of their deliberations I can 
decide whether the phrase I dislike is in fact a carefully crafted legal 
construct that has taken them multiple attempts to get right in a legal 
sense (in that case I won't even try to touch it), or whether it is just 
something that was completely overlooked and never even discussed 
between them (in that case I would perhaps suggest a change).

I am also, on a more general level, very interested in getting an 
insight into the intensity of the exchange. Bluntly spoken, once a draft 
is produced I want to know whether 100 man-days have gone into that or 
just 5, which will also influence the respect I (and others) have for 
the document. A document that is the result of a long and arduous 
process will command more respect than one produced on a Starbucks 
napkin ;-)


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