[OSM-legal-talk] 23rd Dec board meeting

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun Jan 25 16:40:45 GMT 2009

On 25 Jan 2009, at 12:12, SteveC wrote:

> On 24 Jan 2009, at 21:09, Peter Miller wrote:
>> "Depending upon the precise circumstances this duty not to accept
>> benefits could be relevant in the case of the Foundation. Presumably
>> Steve Coast Will receive some form of benefit from his other company
>> which could be argued to arise as a result of actions which he
>> undertakes as a director of the Foundation.
> Dear God. You've been asking your lawyer about me personally.

Good lawyers are cautious people and are paid to point out the worst  
possible outcome - please don't let it get to you. However, we are  
also pretty cautious and we do expect the foundation to be run  
carefully in a way that minimises the risk of misunderstanding and we  
do check things with lawyers. Currently our trust level is going down  
not up and posts such as the above don't help.

You do of course gain one obvious benefit in your capacity as a  
shareholder in CM from the current situation, and that is that you  
know well before anyone else what is going to be in it and when it is  
going to come out. Publishing the draft license would remove any  
percieved advangate that CM has in this respect  and it might be a  
good idea to do so for that reason alone.

Do remember that things are going pretty well overall. We are  
discussing some thorny issues, but we can resolve them and it will be  
great, I am sure. There is however a pattern developing where you only  
post on legal-talk to rubbish suggestions that you don't like and then  
disappear again. Do please start responding to some of the basic  
questions on a regular basis and then we can start building up the  
trust again.


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