[OSM-legal-talk] 23rd Dec board meeting

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 10:53:37 GMT 2009

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Peter Miller
<peter.miller at itoworld.com> wrote:

> Technical - Tile serving, API restrictions & Servers
> I am still not clear that there is a need for API restrictions and what
> reduction in bandwidth costs would result. What are the predicted costs of
> continuing the current arrangement? Has UCL provided the Foundation with
> information that indicates that it is a problem. What would be the cost of
> providing it commercially. Could we could raise it?
> I have seen no costings. Have the board been presented with such financial
> forecasts?
> Fyi, we are speaking with a professor we know at CASA, UCL to ask if there
> was a problem with bandwidth as far as he knows. He is checking this and
> will get back to us and we will report to the group. I think UCL should be
> very keen to hang onto this project.

Jeez Peter, that's really dangerous ground you're stomping around on.
If you're sufficiently unaware of the current arrangements between UCL
and OSM that you don't know how much it costs, and unwilling to do
sufficient research on your own to find out the equivalent commercial
prices, then approaching third parties you happen to "know" at UCL is
completely out of order. Can you not even see that you asking a third
party to go digging and then you'll "report back to the group" with
information that OSMF knows already just is not helpful?

Until recently I worked in another uni in London in the ICT division.
Safe to say that many arrangements founded on goodwill and
understanding are destroyed as soon as someone demands official
arrangements to be made public.

I can only hope that OSM's relationship with UCL is undamaged by your
current quest. And I say that from having an appreciation of the
monetary values I refer to in my first paragraph.


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