[OSM-legal-talk] 23rd Dec board meeting

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Jan 27 00:16:55 GMT 2009

MJ Ray wrote:

> Doesn't being a criminal act mean that the state can investigate (and
> prosecute) without waiting for OSMF's lawyers to act?

Yes. I apologize for mis-emphasizing this. I'd still say it's a
vanishingly small threat, although one that should be made to vanish
through a clear statement or licence.

> [...]
>> But guidelines on trademark use would be good. In particular, the OSM
>> trademark should serve the traditional purpose for trademarks of
>> protecting consumers from inferior knock-offs.
>> e.g - http://www.debian.org/trademark
> Yes and I feel the OpenJDK Trademark Notice would be a more complete
> example.

Best practice examples are very useful.

OpenJDK's notice is here -


- Rob.

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