[OSM-legal-talk] Future license upgrades, the heart of the matter

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Jan 28 15:05:59 GMT 2009

Rob Myers <rob at robmyers.org> wrote:
> Do you have any models in mind? CC and the FSF have been through a
> couple of rounds of licence revision over the years and the most recent
> ones are easy to review.

I think I tried to get involved with both processes, so I'll offer a
few observations...

CC's 3.0 process seemed to have design flaws (lack-of-design as far as
I could tell) and a democratic deficit - didn't it get approved by a
"hum vote" at a physical meeting at some stage?  I also never
understood who were the decision-makers and what the motives were for
any CC decisions.  I felt I was groping in the dark the whole time.

The FSF 3.0 basic process was better, structured by license section
and interest, although the interest groups (called discussion
committees IIRC) were invited and seemed to under-represent the third
sector.  Sadly, the implementation of the public process was botched,
relying on obsolete (old version of RT), cutting-edge (all-singing
all-dancing web browsers) and undocumented (stet) software, all mixed
together!  Even now, some of the public's points remain unanswered by

Both processes involved secret-unless-they-chose-otherwise groups,
which I think is very bad for public trust and would be the main thing
I suggest should be different for an open foundation project.

Hope that helps,
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