[OSM-legal-talk] signup notice

Francis Davey fjmd1a at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 21:02:39 BST 2009

2009/6/1 Russ Nelson <russ at cloudmade.com>:
> Note the "(non-exclusively)".  That says that any data you give to
> OpenStreetMap.org must be licensed under the CC-By-SA.  You're free to
> license any of it to the rest of the world under any license you want.

Either I'm misunderstanding you, or you have the original concern wrong.

The agreement is:

"By creating an account, you agree that all work uploaded to
openstreetmap.org and all data created by use of any tools which
connect to openstreetmap.org is to be (non-exclusively) licensed under
this Creative Commons license (by-sa). "

Which means that you must license "all data created" using CC-BY-SA.
There is no limitation on this, eg that the licence refers only to a
specific licence for OSM's use. The clear meaning is that while you
may licence the data any way you like, you must also licence it
CC-BY-SA. In practice this means that you cannot licence it more
restrictively than CC-BY-SA to the rest of the world.

Your reading of the phrase "any data you give to" into the agreement
is (alas) unwarranted.

The problem here is the word "connect to" which surely is not meant to
have the breadth of meaning that a literal reading would give it.

Francis Davey

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