[OSM-legal-talk] signup notice

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jun 1 22:30:19 BST 2009


Russ Nelson wrote:
> If the OSMF went into a court of law and tried to  
> claim that, because your computer connected once upon a time to OSM,  
> that everything your computer ever did thereafter had to be  
> copyrighted CC-By-SA, the judge would laugh the OSMF out of court,

Fully agree; I had read the signup notice long ago and thought to myself 
"what a stupid wording" but knowing full well that this could never be 
used to claim rights on documents I wrote with a word processor on the 
same machine that once connected to OSM, I didn't bother.

But even though that interpretation is rather laughable, the original 
poster is right: The wording might unnecessarily upset some people, so 
why not fix it.


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