[OSM-legal-talk] ODbL RC and share-alike licensing of Produced Works

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 9 00:12:31 BST 2009


Henk Hoff wrote:
> It is proposed to removed the clause 4.7 altogether

I think that is a good idea.

Just to clarify:

* I use OSM data to create a printed A-Z map of London (which is clearly 
not a data base, is it?)

* I publish that produced work under a BSD license

* A competing project named FreeStreetMap traces all London roads off 
Yahoo imagery, then

* FreeStreetMap activists copy every single street name from my 
BSD-licensed A-Z map into their BSD-licensed FSM database (the one with 
the noodly appendages)

Before, the reverse engineering clause would have kicked in and forced 
FSM to be under ODBL. In the future, the above will be fully legal, and 
the resulting FSM database, which contains facts derived from OSM data 
but which were not in database form, can be distributed as a BSD 
product. This has been "earned" by FSM through the manual work involved 
in re-creating a database from a non-database.

Ist that correct?


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