[OSM-legal-talk] LINZ Data under Creative Commons 3.0

Andrew Simpson andrew.simpson at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jun 14 09:13:41 BST 2009

The national mapping authority in New Zealand (LINZ) already makes map
data available free-of-charge on the basis that it is 'citizen funded'

I am aware that OSM has been discussing using this data for some
time...  The standard LINZ downloads require rigorous credit attribution
to be applied.

However LINZ has now made some datasets available through a third
party.  Here is a typical dataset:


In all they've made about 120 datasets available in the last few

The licence is Creative Commons 3.0 and is clearly shown on the web
page.  There is no mention of 'what' and 'how' the required credit
should be attributed.

I'm not interested in importing wholesale blocks of data, but would
like to use their data to fill out some of the gaps in my own
mapping.  I've been busy mapping hiking tracks in my area, and there
are simply too many for me to map all of them by GPSr, though most of
them I know from past experience.

I see the correct way of approaching this would be to
credit the source in each upload done.  I realise that subsequent
changes could be made, however the version history would still
clearly show the original credit.

In reality the changes would probably be by me, because their track
data is often out of true alignment when checked by GPSr (The area is
remote, hilly and heavily forested). 

Having been an Open Source Developer for more years than I care to
remember, I have done this often.  Generally, it seems to be a pragmatic
compromise for all.

My belief is that LINZ have deliberately placed this data on the
third party web site to facilitate use in open mapping and the

Similarly, the Department of Conservation (DOC) have recently
responded to an Official Information Act request (to supply government
internal data to the public) by providing much, much more detail than
was requested.  That data can be found on the same website, and same



Andrew Simpson

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