[OSM-legal-talk] post-migration terms for maps rendered by OSM?

Ulf Möller usenet at ulfm.de
Wed Jun 17 22:45:57 BST 2009

Mike Linksvayer schrieb:

> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:OpenStreetMap_maps
> Under what terms will maps rendered by OSM be available after the
> database is migrated to ODbL?

That will be up to the people doing the rendering. For maps rendered on 
  Wikimedia servers (see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap), 
CC-BY-SA would seem like an obvious choice, but it's up to them.

> (b) Rendered maps will be under the ODbL itself.  I guess that could
> be read into http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Data_License_FAQ#How_does_this_affect_Wikipedia_and_other_projects_that_want_to_use_our_maps.3F

I have just updated that FAQ. It was referring to an early out-of-date 
draft of the ODbL.

> One could presumably take the database under ODbL, render their own
> map, and release under any terms compatible with satisfying the
> notice/attribution requirement of ODbL for produced work -- 4.3 in
> http://www.co-ment.net/text/1280/ -- which presumably includes any of
> the main CC licenses, as well as many other possible release terms. Is
> this correct?


> What terms will non-map/data/database OSM contents (ie the wiki and
> maybe other things I don't know about) be under post-migration?  Same
> as current, ie no migration, ie CC BY-SA, or migration to something
> else?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet, but I don't see any reasons 
for changing it.

>  And I'm hoping
> that maps rendered by OSM (by far the most convenient source of maps
> rendered with OSM data) may be combined with CC BY-SA works so that
> another incompatible set of copylefted content isn't created, given
> that the biggest incompatibility in the copylefted content universe is
> about to be eliminated

Compatibility with open content licenses has been an important point for 
us in working with ODC. One of the changes in the latest ODbL draft was 
made "in order to remove any possible concerns about license 
compatibility on Produced Works". We believe that ODbL now is fully 
compatible with licenses such as CC-BY-SA or GFDL for rendered maps.

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