[OSM-legal-talk] License Telephone Debate

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Mar 12 10:58:06 GMT 2009

On 12 Mar 2009, at 10:36, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:

> Liz wrote:
>> Sent: 12 March 2009 10:31 AM
>> To: Licensing and other legal discussions.
>> Subject: Re: [OSM-legal-talk] License Telephone Debate
>> On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>> Nick Black wrote:
>>>> I've always felt that you were completely aligned behind the aims  
>>>> of
>> OSM
>>>> - we can disagree, but at the end of the day we're all here for the
>> same
>>>> reason.  Right now, its really hard to find anything positive or
>>>> constructive in your ongoing bombardment of these lists.
>>> The same people that now want to have a telephone conference have  
>>> been
>>> completely absent from the community decision making process  
>>> during the
>>> last months. I don't know what they were working on but they  
>>> surely were
>>> not working with the community. I simply cannot fathom why they  
>>> would
>>> suddenly - without having made any attempt to connect with the  
>>> community
>>> that was analysing the license draft, finding the problems,  
>>> hammmering
>>> out possible solutions - want to have a telephone conference to  
>>> "help us
>>> connect better".
>> I don't find a telephone conference acceptable.
>> While Frederick mentions the troubles of language, I don't want to  
>> be on
>> the
>> phone at 0200 local time. I'd rather be asleep, and my critical  
>> faculties
>> probably would be asleep at that time even if I was nominally on the
>> telephone.
>> Liz
> Perhaps for those whose time zones don't fit with the proposed  
> discussion
> can put their usernames on the licence discussion wiki page. Then the
> working group can decide if any further sessions are needed.

Umm.. there are two parallel processes running here, the community is  
involved in one and the working group is involved in another. At no  
point has the working group engaged with the community and asked what  
might be helpful at this point. I am sure you guys are doing good work  
but imho the approach around the call is not helpful.

Fyi, I am unlikely to take part in the call for the following reasons:

1) I would prefer to be doing something else in the middle of the day  
at the weekend
2) I don't think it is necessary and probably won't achieve anything  
that can't be achieved better by proper engagement by the working  
group with the list/wiki
3) I think it provides a bias towards people who speak English as a  
first langauge... unless of course the language to be used is German ;)
4) I don't like the way the idea was introduced by the working group

To help the process I have provided a signup section on the working  
group meetings wiki page for people to indicate that they will be  
taking part


Peter Miller

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> Andy
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