[OSM-legal-talk] Q&A with a lawyer

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 12 10:13:28 BST 2009


> the OSMF LWG recently had a couple of calls with Clark Asay, who has
> generously agreed to give OSMF legal advice concerning the new
> license. i've attached the write up of the first of the calls

Was that based on the 0.9 or 1.0 license?

I am concerned because of

Q: Is the process of creating a Produced Work restricted or affected by 
the ODbL in any way? Do any details of the process of creating a 
Produced Work need to be made Public?

A: No. The process of creating a Produced Work does not need to be 
revealed, so any artistic interpretation involved does not have to be 
made available. The only requirement of the ODbL is the notice from 
section 4.3.


Q: How often does a Derived Database have to be made available? Must 
this be as often as my produced work or can I do this on a less frequent 
basis? How soon after the Produced Work is published must I make it 

A: Under the current version of the license, it isn't necessary to make 
the derived database available.

It was my understanding that the above would have been true for 0.9, 
while the April 2008 ODbL draft and 1.0 would require making available 
the derivative database on which a produced work is built.


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