[OSM-legal-talk] "Produced Work" guideline working

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri May 22 23:01:48 BST 2009


Mike Collinson wrote:
> "If it was intended for the extraction of the original data, then it
> is a database and not a Produced Work. Otherwise it is a Produced
> Work.
> We can clearly define things that are USUALLY Produced Works: .PNG,
> JPG, .PDF, SVG images and any raster image; a map in a physically
> printed work.
> Database dumps are usually not Produced Works, e.g a Planet dump."

I think it was 80n who, in an older discussion about this, pointed out 
that it may not be helpful to focus on the *intent* of someone doing 
something. Someone might make an SVG file that contains the full 
original OSM data, but without the intent of extracting data, and 
someone else then uses that as a database. But I guess we don't need to 
get all upset about this because if a database is made from the Produced 
Work then ODbL again applies through the reverse engineering clause...


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