[OSM-legal-talk] Extent of share alike?

David Vaarwerk david at mineraldata.com.au
Mon Nov 2 03:37:21 GMT 2009


I have made a map and business guide from scratch that you can
see here http://www.mineraldata.com.au/wp/index.html [1]. I would like to
share the map data with OSM and use OSM as a base map for this and other
maps/ business guides - I assume there is no problem with this as long as I
attribute the work. 

However, my question is, how far does the share alike
section of the Creative Commons licence go. I want to share the map data
with OSM but not the other sections of the work. 

Will the Creative
Commons licence mean that the business guide section of the work fall under
the Creative Commons licence. The business guide essentially is business
addresses, industry, service, phone no, website etc and the location of the

I will most likely add cafe's, public phones, post boxes and
hotels to OSM but I don't want the entire business guide to become Creative
Commons (not at the moment anyway). 

Is someone able to clarify this? Can
I just share the map data? 



Mineral Data

[1] http://www.mineraldata.com.au/wp/index.html
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