[OSM-legal-talk] is this usage of osm a violation of cc-by-sa?

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Fri Feb 5 11:31:55 GMT 2010

Jonas Stein wrote:
> http://www.troiki.de/karte.jpg
> http://www.troiki.de/anfahrt.html
> if so, should someone contact troiki and explain 
> how to use the osm maps correct.
They don't have any attribution on the pages, otherwise is the kind of 
use of OSM I would hope to see.  If my schoolboy German would stand it 
I'd write to say how good it is to see them using OSM, and would they 
mind adding an attribution please.

They need to sort it out before Lulu-Ann sees it :-)

Cheers, Chris

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