[OSM-legal-talk] Copyright Assignment

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Jan 5 19:33:44 GMT 2010

On 05/01/10 19:24, 80n wrote:
> It may suit you, as a consumer of OSM data, to not give a damn about
> contributing back to the project, but that's not what OSM is about.
Yes, any copyleft/share-alike licence *enables* this. But I think the
discussion here (and I've been guilty of this myself in the past) has
sometimes concentrated on this contributing back to the project rather
than spreading/ensuring freedom for people to use the resources.

I do think that OSM is culturally in no small part about this giving
back, and that having changed licences once it's important that OSM be
able to change/upgrade/whatever the licence in the future. And a
foundation isn't a corporation, so "copyright assignment" and its
cognates shouldn't be a cause for panic. But I do think it's important
to be clear about why this is and what it is for - to ensure the ongoing
ability to use the data/maps, not to create power relations for their
own sake or for the sake of those controlling them.

- Rob.

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