[OSM-legal-talk] CC-BY-SA and derivate works

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jun 7 18:36:27 BST 2010


Alexrk wrote:
> Am I right that such a tourist map could only be published under a CC-like 
> license again? In other words, if I do so and sell just one copy of that map, 
> any "Big Publishing & Co" could duplicate and sell the same on its own for 
> ..hmm.. half the price?


> So if that interpretation of CC-BY-SA is correct, practically no one would be 
> able to do really creative things with OSM if she or he would like to get a ROI 
> on that work?

Our standard reply is that you cannot expect to apply old-world business 
models to our new world order. There is a lot of room for "really 
creative things"; taking our map and printing an A-Z is not exactly a 
prime example of creativity.

The suggested ODbL license changes situation by allowing you to make a 
"produced work" and license that under a non-share-alike license as long 
as the produced work is not a database.


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