[OSM-legal-talk] CC-BY-SA and derivate works

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 21:16:25 BST 2010

On 7 June 2010 21:40, Alexrk <alexrk2 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> Frederik Ramm schrieb am 07.06.2010 19:36:
>>> So if that interpretation of CC-BY-SA is correct, practically no one would be
>>> able to do really creative things with OSM if she or he would like to get a ROI
>>> on that work?
>> Our standard reply is that you cannot expect to apply old-world business
>> models to our new world order. There is a lot of room for "really
>> creative things"; taking our map and printing an A-Z is not exactly a
>> prime example of creativity.
> Tnx Frederik.
> You might like AZ (or Falk or whatever) or not - but please don't underestimate
> the creative work of cartographers. Making a good readable, fine-looking paper
> map is far more than installing Mapnik, choosing some color styles and pressing
> the render-button.
> Why making to much assumptions or restriction regarding the kind of business
> models evolving behind OSM? I think it's not a good attitude to say, we don't
> like or respect this or that usage of OSM because it's too old school, it's not
> Web 2.0 or ..geez.. someone claims his own license for his IP (damn capitalist ;-)).

You're probably talking to the wrong person because Frederik is one of
the PD advocates and just gave an answer to your question.

But I like the Share alike rule and if you use the data produced by
osm, osm wants to be able to use the result under the same license.
Otherwise the situation may become like with the Map_Features
cheat-mug, it's only sold locally, but at the same time nobody else in
the world can produce identical mugs.

In this case however I'm not sure, the CC-By-SA is not precise about
what part of the work is share alike: only the data, or also the style
you used? (It's not precise because it wasn't made for data
talks about the case where you're using only the data, not tiles, and
says that then you need to state "map data CC-such-and-such" which
implies that the rest is not necessarily CC-such-and-such.


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