[OSM-legal-talk] CC-BY-SA and derivate works

Alexrk alexrk2 at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 7 23:24:07 BST 2010

Frederik Ramm schrieb am 07.06.2010 22:55:
> Incidentally that it also the reason why I am against share-alike 
> licenses - because they are rooted in IP, in the idea that our work of 
> recording stuff around us somehow entitles us to dictate our terms and 
> conditions to others. Just like you think that it is of course "all 
> yours" if you design a good map from OSM data, OSMers assert that it is 
> "all theirs". I find both positions morally questionable.

I don't want to deny the work of OSM and I don't want to say this part is "mine" 
or this is "yours". And of course I think OSM should be credited properly as the 
data provider. So ok, maybe the term IP is a bit unfortunate. Certainly  we 
always stand on the shoulders of giants. We should also credit those clever guys 
who invented GPS and the computer etc ..that's not the point.

It's merely a problem of restricted possibilities I see with share-alike in that 

Lets assume someone works two weeks - hunch darkly night after night over Adobe 
Illustrator, coming up with a handmade city map of Hamburg. OK voila nice, now 
lets try to sell it in a small edition of printed copies (BoD or whatsoever). 
But why should one invest two weeks of work + advance payments for the printing 
costs, if another big publishing house can take that map and sell it for half 
the price, just because that company didn't had your "sunk costs" (and possess 
much cheaper publishing abilities).

Sounds not so promissing. From that point of view, share-alike would even 
benefit monopolies - as typically any other "sunk cost"-intensive production does.

I think, I begin to understand, that CC is really not the right license for OSM.



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