[OSM-legal-talk] CC-BY-SA and derivate works

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I wouldn't worry too much about this. You simply state that the mapping
(including any derivative elements) is CC-By-SA.

Anything you have added to the map that is not derivative or based on it
(i.e. your Logo) remains (C).

If anyone wants to actually scan that map, and try to sell lack-lustre
copies (after going to the length or re-doing the marginalia) they can -
they won't get very far.

Having said that, simply printing OSM as a royalty free version of an A-Z
map is not very creative. Try to come up with a custom rendering that does
something your customers want.

Just my $0.02


On 7 June 2010 18:04, Alexrk <alexrk2 at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Hi, I've got a question about the current CC license: Let's say one would
> like
> to create a tourist map from OSM data - eg like those AZ city plans
> (http://www.a-zmaps.co.uk/?nid=354)
> Am I right that such a tourist map could only be published under a CC-like
> license again? In other words, if I do so and sell just one copy of that
> map,
> any "Big Publishing & Co" could duplicate and sell the same on its own for
> ..hmm.. half the price?
> So if that interpretation of CC-BY-SA is correct, practically no one would
> be
> able to do really creative things with OSM if she or he would like to get a
> on that work?
> Regards
> Alex
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