[OSM-legal-talk] CC-BY-SA and derivate works

Alexrk alexrk2 at yahoo.de
Tue Jun 8 14:06:31 BST 2010

Frederik Ramm schrieb am 08.06.2010 00:50:
> There are lots of business models that work with share-alike data; it is 
> just that the old business models which are exclusively based on "pay me 
> or I sue you" don't work.

Hmm, if I buy OSM-related consulting services at Geofabrik and don't pay for it 
- you don't wanna sue me? *zwinker* I really wouldn't differentiate much between 
new and old models - which I believe is somewhat PR speak anyway. There might be 
simple and more complex models. If a simple model works as well, so why not.

Actually it was just a fixed idea that came to my mind and I wondered how this 
would comply with share-alike - without making it too complicated. Just for fun, 
you know. I didn't intended to start a sophisticated, value added, ad-financed 
business model.

This might go to the wrong address again, Frederik, but sometimes I receive an 
impression, that some OSM folks distinguish users between leechers and 
contributers and "we" and "they". Which I think is not appropriate. I believe, 
everybody who gets involved in doing something with OSM is a gain for OSM, even 
if one doesn't contribute data directly. Some folks might develop software 
around OSM (or report bugs), some develop new ideas and even if they just 
proliferate OSM in some way it will help making OSM more popular and attract new 

Thanks again for your ideas and opinions.



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