[OSM-legal-talk] Using osm data + private data

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Spam at nurfuerspam.de
Tue Jun 22 15:59:21 BST 2010

Michael musset wrote:
> But I don't plan to license it, because i know that it will never go
> outside, the only people who can see my data is my client.
> Of course we would like to merge openstreetmap nodes and IDs with ours, and
> use mapnik to render both of them at the same time.


Hope the link still works. If required, remove any newlines.

If you mix up OSM data with yours and distribute it to someone, you have 
to distribute it under the same license as OSM itself.

Best thing would be for you, if you use pre-rendered map parts for the 
base map and place your own stuff as separate layer above this. This 
way, your work is separated.

> we can give money if it is a problem,

I don't know how many contributors contributed to OSM, but there should 
be a few thousand. Would be pretty difficult to ask all of them how much 
money they want from you.

All those contributors contributed their work under CC-By-Sa, so you 
will have to respect this license if you want to use their work.



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