[OSM-legal-talk] Share-A-Like (non-) Verifiability because they are not publicly accessable

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at latuviitta.fi
Thu Jun 24 10:07:30 BST 2010

Andy Allan <gravitystorm at ...> writes:

> No. That would be avoiding the whole point of the share-alike license.
> If they have geographic data that we don't have, and they mix it with
> OSM data, then the whole point is that we end up with access to their
> geographic data. It's called share-alike! Not
> "take-ours-and-keep-yours-private"!
> Really, if people (businesses, charities, individuals or whoever) have
> data they wish to keep private, they can still use OSM data
> internally. If they want to "Publicly Convey this Database, any
> Derivative Database, or the Database as part of a Collective
> Database", then they can't avoid the licence.


You are obviously reading 
http://www.opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/1.0/ , section 4.5 in a different
way that I do.  

     " a. For the avoidance of doubt, You are not required to license Collective
Databases under this License if You incorporate this Database or a Derivative
Database in the collection, but this License still applies to this Database or a
Derivative Database as a part of the Collective Database; "

For me it looks like business users can feel safe with their data if they do not
make derivative databases, for example by enhancing their own data by taking
tags from OSM database. Drawing their own data on top of OSM basemap is OK,
isn't it?

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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