[OSM-legal-talk] having anonymous internet users editing the map

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jun 25 13:28:46 BST 2010


Lulu-Ann at gmx.de wrote:
> As the topic of the map is discussed controversely, 
> vandalism is likely to happen, I am afraid.

If the user attempts to use OSM as a vehicle to further his own side in 
whatever "controversy" you are alluding to, risking to bring lots of 
vandals upon OSM, then that might be a reason to ask him to stop it.

Why not keep his data in a separate database and combine with OSM on a map?

> I expect that there will be so many edits that the uploader will not be able to check the data before upload.

He is responsible for what he uploads. We will also expect him to be 
answerable to the community about his edits; I have twice in the past 
reprimanded people who stubbornly ignored any messages the community 
sent to them about their edits, and just continued to edit. My message 
to them was generally that OSM is not a write-only medium; if they 
participate, and if their participation gives other mappers cause for 
concern, they have to at least enter into some kind of dialogue with 
them or else this is not a community.

I'd say let's see what happens. Perhaps you should remind him of the "on 
the ground rule" - whatever controversial thing he wants to map must be 
verifiable. Many controversial things are not.


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