[OSM-legal-talk] Timetables and transport plans: copyright?

Andrei Klochko transportsplan2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 17:33:29 BST 2010


I am completely new to this mailing list and even to openstreetmap (6 days
ago I actually didn't even know the site), and 2 weeks ago I had an idea,
while painfully going from one point inside Paris to another, but outside
Paris and in a quite distant place. The transportation network there was
awful, and I told myself: why always rely on train-track based
transportation when going to an unknown place or using an unknown route?
because buses are so messy? no, they are clean, but NO ONE EVEN KNOWS ABOUT
THEM WHEN THEY NEED IT!!! THAT is the problem! So now, I have gathered
friends and we could start creating this web site (by the way, I know about
OSMTransport, but it is neither interactive nor fully dedicated and designed
for a practical and immediate purpose, like we want it to be. I know this
work asks great efforts, and that probably when I would start the same
effort I would just get mad, even with many friends, but we still want to
try our own way), but to do that, we need to know one thing, and
unfortunately we have no good lawyer in our rows: we need to know, how come
the STIF company can claim they OWN the TIMETABLES, and can entirely block
anyone who would like to use them, and by the way, precisely in order to get
them more clients by bringing more visibility?? what is this? I ask them no
money. I ask them nothing but a permission to use these timetables in a way
that would benefit them. But they are partly a public company and I think
the law terms are different. And besides, as they are public, they simply
don't care about our efforts! they just want to stay like this forever, with
no proper interactive plan! I would like so much to know at least one person
to whom I could ask, what articles in the french law do they use, and can I
overcome them, by using a weird way juste as OSM uses gps tracks! the
problem is, you can't just hire 1000 men and women to watch over all Paris
and suburbs bus stops and count and note the buses every time they pass by!
And when I called them they just said to me "no, you can't use it, I don't
even know why but you can't". Of course I haven't yet reached the Legal
Services, so it is just a secretary answer. But is is so....raging! If only
I knew the law about that I could at least know why and how they can be so
self-confident. I am pretty sure it is not so obvious. it is just a piece of
paper! I know we are all dealing with the same problem of "almost free
data", but here, really...
So if ANYONE knows anything about it, or know someone that could know that
in detail, say why and how with the proper articles in the french law, I
would greatly appreciate...and be very grateful to that person! please do
not hesitate!

Many thanks

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