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Eric Jarvies eric at csl.com.mx
Thu Sep 9 05:02:22 BST 2010

I would like to make some suggestions, that otherwise seem obvious to me, but may not seem the same to others.  This prompted by my recent experience with identifying OSM data on a notable third party site/source/repo.  

I think the DWG should have some basic, yet effective tools, with which they can quickly and easily query specific ways, but more importantly... specific changesets of a given way, wherein they can then easily render it, and then easily mash it up in a map stack(with the offending sources), allowing them to easily visually deduce similarities.  If these are found, then mathematical similarities(coordinates) should be run to further substantiate the finding.  I understand this would often times mean using screenshots, wherein points of the screenshots would need to be selected/designated in order to match up with OSM(projections, etc.).  And the same applies to data sources, wherein a simple tools should exist that could take and extrapolate the data from these suspected sources, namely coordinates and tabular attributes, wherein they are run against OSM data and all the same instances are identified, as as all reasonable similarities.    Anything, really.  So long as it has a documented procedure(repeatable by third parties), then it'll suffice(for contributors/membership, and cases that may in face need/depend upon it).

Eric Jarvies

On Sep 8, 2010, at 7:50 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:

> Eric Jarvies schrieb:
>> Is Google Maps(MapMaker) now starting to use OSM data?
> From all I've heard, they probably have been for some time, and given they are in the US, they probably can legally use our data under the current license just like it would be PD, so they are happily doing that.
> IANAL, and all information is from hearsay, but that's how I take all that.
> Robert Kaiser
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