[OSM-legal-talk] Questions about CTs 1.2.4

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On 14 April 2011 09:57, Robert Whittaker (OSM) <
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> Has this option been considered by OSMF and/or LWG?
It, or something like it, has been mooted from time to time. There's no
reason why it could not be made to work legally.

Two issues might arise:

(1) Technical - you would need to change the interface to allow this
information to be added and the underlying data model to allow it to be
recorded. That sounds like it should be easy enough to me, but years of
experience in software development tell me that there may be hidden problems
and it may take more developer time than is available (I suspect its in
shorter supply than willing legal help - good developers are a scarce

(2) Work - maintaining a list of compatible licences *might* end up being a
lot of work. I don't know what this is like worldwide. Most work will be
front-loaded, since you need to get started with your list.

There are I believe policy arguments as well as to whether third party data
sets "should" be allowed or not. Of them I cannot speak of course.

Francis Davey
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