[OSM-legal-talk] A legal question

Eldad Yamin eldad87 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 16:16:47 BST 2011

Thank you Simon and Mike!

First, I must say that my data is not completely driven from OSM map data,
it can be submitted without viewing the map.

Second  (According to what Simon said), I understood that any data that is
derived from OSM map data must be published under CC-BY-SA license.

Does it strict me from deciding who-can-view-what on my service?

For example, a user can decide that only his "friend X" can view his
submitted data, therefore only "friend X" can view and clone the data to
somewhere else (under CC-BY-SA).

Third, I want to stop competitors from cloning data that was submitted by my

According to the question: "Can I charge for distributing OSM data or data
derived from OSM data?":


Does it mean that if a competitor want to use my service (pull data) - I can
explicitly ask him to pay?

For example, in the terms and condition on my website, I can say "the data
is completely free under the CC-BY-SA license, if you wish to copy data and
publish it for commercial use, you will need to pay for it and attach our
T&C to it - please contact us at support at x.com for more details"

Thanks again,


On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 5:05 PM, Michael Collinson <mike at ayeltd.biz> wrote:

>  Hi Eldad,
> This link http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License may also help with
> general information. We are evolving it to help folks such as yourself, so
> if there is anything unclear or confusing, please do no hesitate to email
> me.
> Mike
> On 16/04/2011 15:55, Simon Biber wrote:
> Hi Eldad,
>  It sounds like your meta data is derived from the OSM map data, in which
> case it must be licensed as CC-BY-SA.
>  This doesn't mean you have to actively contribute it back to the
> community. You can restrict access or allow users to set up access controls
> on your website.
>  But if someone who does have access to the work decides to copy it and
> make it publically available, you can't prevent them from doing so. The
> CC-BY-SA license gives anybody that freedom.
> Kind regards,
> Simon.
> On 16/04/2011, at 10:54 PM, Eldad Yamin <eldad87 at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Hello,
> I want to use OSM data/map in order to create a map based service.
> The users of my service will be able to create meta-data (POIs, trips and
> path) on the map and share it them with their friends.
>  Please note,
> I'm not going to change the map data itself at all, only storing meta-data
> that was created by my users.
> Is it something that I must contribute back to the community or something
> that I can set as optional setting to my users?
> if the answer is yes, can I give my users the option to authorize who can
> view their data?
>  Thanks,
> Eldad.
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