[OSM-legal-talk] Mixing data under different licenses

Eldad Yamin eldad87 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 20:22:06 BST 2011

For this discussion I want to use http://foursquare.com/ (FS) as an example.
For those who don't know foursquare <http://foursquare.com/>, in general
it's a mobile application that uses the GPS on the mobile device to show
Point Of Interests (POI) that closed by.
Let's say that FS are using OSM maps in their mobile app.

   1. If FS will buy POI from a third party and those POI are under a
   license that isn't CC-BY-SA
   a. Can FS show the 3rd party POI along with the POI that are under
   CC-BY-SA on the OSM map?
   b. Can FS keep the 3rd party POI original license intact while
   they being published using the OSM map (1.a)?
   c. Under which license derived data should be if it was made using data
   that is under CC-BY-SA license along with the data that was purchased (that
   isn't licensed under CC-BY-SA)
   2.  FS built an API for their mobile APP
   a. Can FS enforce that the API itself is used only for
   none-commercial usages by adding this term to the T&C on the registration
   3. How do you define "derived data", let's take the following situation
   as an example:
   1. an FS user wants to create a new POI.
   2. The user is asked to enter the POI address.
   3. The data is saved.
   4. The user is asked to confirm the POI by showing it on the map.
   5. if the user want to current is data, there are 2 options
   to current the data:
       5.1. The process will re-start from 3.2.
       5.2. The user can fix it on the map.

   a. is this derived data? if so, under which step it become derived data?

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