[OSM-legal-talk] City of Kamloops Free data.

Matthew Buchanan matthew.ian.buchanan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 06:44:29 BST 2011

I posted this on the OSM Forum and on the talk-ca mailing list. Someone
suggested cross-posting it here too.


I asked the GIS coordinator of the City of Kamloops if I could use their GIS
data that they freely provide in OpenStreetMap. He said it was okay, so I've
uploaded some of it so far. I've only uploaded a few blocks of buildings,
park boundaries and tree points for part of the city. There are many other
shapefiles that they have available such as parcels, addresses, pipes,
water, trails, bus routes, etc. I have tools available to convert from
Shapfile to OSM format.

Please comment on whether this is okay, and if so if anyone wants to help.
I've coded the source = "City of Kamloops"

http://webserver.kamloops.ca/imf/sites/ …




Through this talk-ca list I have found 2 users who upload data in the
Kamloops area.

-- Matthew Buchanan
-- Kamloops, BC
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