[OSM-legal-talk] Mixing geoms and attributes (private data and public data)

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Tue Aug 9 16:10:10 BST 2011

Hello All,

Hopefully my question isn't soo close to Maning's to be annoying a
couple hours later:).

So I'm working on a project that involves poverty mapping.  So
currently communities work as a group to determine the poor
households, the rich households, etc in a neighborhood.  They do this
based on their own requirements by neighborhood and everything usually
stays in a paper map.

The facilitators that help lead the mapping are being trained in
OpenStreetMap.  We've currently trained about 100 people from
communities all over Eastern Indonesia.  The issue is there is data
that probably shouldn't be public in OpenStreetMap.  (Everyone in the
houses names and if they are poor or not, where the pregnant women
are, etc).

We plan to work on tools that allow the communities to put structural
info into OpenStreetMap (building type, floors, walls, roof-type), but
put the other data in a private database.  My understanding is that if
we redistributed the whole database elsewhere we would have to release
it under ODbL, but if it was under private use within the one
organization it would be okay.  Maybe I don't understand things

Anyway, is it possible to do any of this without forcing the
relicensing of the private data in a way that forced redistribution?
I'm assuming this can work, since if it can't we are missing out on a
whole bunch of data that communities would love to add about their

Anyway, please enlighten me:).


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