[OSM-legal-talk] I want my access back

Henk Hoff osm at toffehoff.nl
Mon Aug 15 00:35:47 BST 2011

Op 14-08-11 19:14, Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer schreef:
> [Henk Hoff, 14.08.2011, 19:00]:
>> If contributing in 3 different months during the last year would be too much
>> of a burden, are you then really involved?
> If the sysadmins block your account because they want to force through a
> future CT update that you deem problematic, then it is simply not possible to
> contribute in 3 different months. The situation would change dramatically if
> the sysadmins were to guarantee that they will never remove edit rights as
> they currently do.
Sysadmins are not just blocking accounts. If you're referring to the 
fact that you haven't agreed with the CT and therefore cannot edit 
anymore ... That's part of the democratic process, not the sysadmins.

There has been an long and extensive process in getting where we are 
now. There have been polls with the community, there has been a vote 
amongst the OSMF membership, etc. All point to a (large) majority 
accepting the new CT / license etc.
You may not like the outcome, like you may not like your current 
government. But it's a fair and democratic process.
The CT is not going away. It's now up to you whether you accept the CT 
or not. If not, I'll advise you to select another hobby.
I invite you to accept the CT. Then we can all work on making OSM the 
most acurate and detailed map which is also openly and freely available; 
so extraodinary and amazing new things can be created for all to use.

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