[OSM-legal-talk] using osm data and other sources in a project

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 13:22:03 BST 2011

Thanks Kate!

>> Is this a legal use case of OSM data? Specifically,
>> 1.  Is it OK not adding back to the main OSM db the modified
>> attributes of the OSM layers?
> I think since you are releasing the combined data as a product i.e.
> WMS this is okay.  If you were offering download of the data then you
> would need to make everything available.
When you mean "download offers" does it cover data use for internal
purposes? For instance, a fieldworker gets a subset of the data (wms
or vectors itself) for data updating in the field.  The osm data
(roads and rivers) will be used as a "basemap" but the other internal
layers will be updated in the field.

>> 2.  Where should we include attribution requirements? (in the webmap
>> ala openlayers attribution js, in all map reports, etc.)
> I think you would do this in all of these cases.  I am not sure the
> most appropriate case for WMS though,  Perhaps in the metadata
> returned from the GetCapabilities request?
Great! I think this is workable.

>> 3.  What about the use of WMS/Tiles combining both osm and other
>> internal datasets?
> This should be fine, these are considered "products".  You just need
> to continue to attribute OSM appropriately.

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