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> * I think it's an open question as to whether it's permissible to
> create a single layer of tiles from the two databases by overlaying
> features from both. It could be argued that this is a collective work,
> rather than a single produced work.

I would think this comes down to whether you could produce separate tiles or

Can you use one database to produce a tile, the second database to produce
another tile, and then combine the tiled together? If so, I'd say that it'd
be a collective work which is equivalent to distributing the two tiles and
merging them when rendered in the browser/gps device/etc. The two tiles you
produce can be under any license you like (subject to the requirements of
the other db of course), so you can merge them before distribution.

If you can't produce separate tiles, because rendering requires accessing
both databases at once, then you essentially have combined the two databases
together into a new one and are then rendering based on that. So would
assume in this case you'd have to distribute the combined database (or the
non-OSM one and tell people to put them together as the "modification").

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