[OSM-legal-talk] Announce: Beginning of Phase 4 of license change process

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Jun 14 21:30:51 BST 2011

As per the implementation plan [1], we intend to move to phase 4 this 
Sunday 19th June or as soon after as is technically practical. This will 
mean that anyone who has explictly declined the new contributor terms 
will no longer be able to edit, (unless they  decide to accept).  This 
currently numbers 406 in total compared to over 191,000 who now 
contribute under the new terms. They or our forking folks may wish to 
grab a planet dump now and another one just before the phase 5 cut-over 
to ODbL. Planet dumps are generally made every Wednesday as of 11:01 UK 
time and become available 3 days later. Next week's version will 
probably be made on Tuesday due to the coming UCL shutdown.

I would emphasise there is currently no need to remove data from the 
live database since the license is still CC-BY-SA. I believe there is no 
urgency to do so until acceptances have been maximised, local issues 
that have a near term solution have been addressed and there is a sense 
of community consensus that it is time. The License Working Group will 
continue listening to all feedback.

License Working Group


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