[OSM-legal-talk] OSM Database Re-Build

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Thu Nov 17 00:35:32 GMT 2011

On 16.11.11 12:28, Simon Poole wrote:
> Currently there is no agreement on what exactly the rules/policy/algorithm
> will be to determine which objects or tags will survive the transition

Sorry, but that's the core of the problem: this /has/ to be set first. ASAP.
First we need the rules, then we can execute them.

Doing thing's without knowing if they are necessary is stupid.

> That said, I believe P2 now has a tool that will completly replace a node with
> a new one at the same coordinates which is a bit of a fix for your specific
> issue.

Throwing overboard the whole history just because nobody thought about it is not
a great idea.

Even further, there should be situations (according to Frederic's talk at
FOSSGIS in Heidelberg) where the locals should decide if things should be kept
or not. There should be set means to do this...

It's somewhat strange that a timeframe is set without the prerequisites (the
housework!) having been finished...


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