[OSM-legal-talk] The detrimental effects of database

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 18:17:44 GMT 2011

>> It's not like it's going to be hard to recreate all this stuff.  It
>> didn't take long to create in the first place
> ... when we had a fraction of the community we have now, less accurate
> aerial imagery and no secondary data sources to compare against. Re-mapping
> not only removes the license baggage, it also has the potential to improve
> quality. I agree - let's rather invest a little more work now and have a
> solid foundation for the future, than build on sand just to get it done
> quicker.
I was going to say something in the same vain. So I'll refrain from doing that.
I do have a suggestion to help identify which tags/properties are the
ones contributed by somebody who declined or who can't be reached. Now
I have to go an dig in the history to check who added names and other
properties, when recreating ways and nodes. I'd prefer for this time
consuming task to be automated. Is there a way to accomplish that? I
understand the full history of an object is needed to do it, so it'be
supplementary to what the license change plugin does already. Maybe
you could point me in the right direction in the JOSM code and I could
try to do it myself.

I would need to know how the history is stored after it is DL'ed and
where; how I can fetch it programmatically.


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